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So many of our young people are growing up in communities with few resources. Without the proper guidance, reaching their full potential may seem difficult or even impossible. We want to change that. Advocates USA has created a youth advocate program designed to help marginalized children and adolescents thrive. Through our Teen Summit Workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions, we strive to improve the lives of African-American and Hispanic youth in everything we do.

Mentor Teaching Math To a Boy

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Our goal is to help young people develop skills alongside compassionate role models. With this in mind, we accept mentors from every walk of life. There's no prerequisite to becoming a member, so anyone who wants to help is welcome. If you're interested in joining our program, contact us with your name and email address. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and send you a membership packet.

Advocates USA Tiered Dues Structure 2017  -

Amount  Package:

  • $200  1 seat at golf tournament and gala
  • $300  1 seat at golf tournament and  2 seats at gala
  • $400  2 seat at golf tournament and 2 seats at gala
  • $800  4 seats at golf tournament and 4 seats at gala

Member Participation

When you join Advocates USA, you take an active role in improving the odds for minority youth. In order to better serve our mentees, we typically ask that volunteers stay on for three years. Members are expected to participate in mentoring sessions and Teen Summit Workshops prior to our golf tournament.

For those outside of the Los Angeles area, we welcome participation via Skype or conference call. Becoming a member gives you access to our annual Gathering event and awards ceremony. Membership fees are $250.00 per year, along with donations.

Donate to Our Program

In order to continue serving youth in need, we also accept monetary donations. Donations will go towards our scholarship program, which helps underprivileged students pay for college. All donations are tax-deductible, and we send you a letter of acknowledgment for tax purposes.