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"Making a Difference" by investing in the lives of our nations young people

Making a Difference
Hands-On Help for Youth in Need

Youth Mentoring

The building blocks to success are established at a young age. From early academic achievement to the presence of role models, countless factors affect a child's ability to succeed. With the proper guidance, anything is possible. At Advocates USA, we truly believe our children are the legacy of the future and with our guidance they will be prepared to attain self fulfillment and pursue the considerable opportunities which lie ahead. Our members provide the support necessary for socially and economically disadvantages youth to thrive. With a little help from our dedicated mentors, children can forge their own path to success.


Mentoring & Events

Learn a little more about our mentoring and fundraising events. We draw on the diverse talents and collective resources of our members to garner the support needed to sustain our programs and workshops.

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Take an active role in improving a child's future when you contribute to our cause. We're currently seeking both new youth mentors and monetary donations.

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About Us

When given something to aspire to, young people can work towards success and reach their full potential. With this idea in mind, Advocates USA was born. Operated by African-American men from a variety of professional backgrounds — including business owners, doctors, and lawyers — our organization mentors youth across the United States.

We're truly devoted to helping more of our young people stay on track and provide the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Along with our mentoring program, we also provide financial support to other organizations that work with underserved communities. Some of our larger projects include our annual Teen Summit and charity golf tournament.  The proceeds from the charity golf tournament support the Art McClure Scholarship Fund, named after an one of the original founders. Art dedicated his life to helping young people to the best that they can be.  Art passed away in 2009.  

If you're interested in lending a helping hand to youth in need, join or donate to our organization today.

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